Written by: Arcene Janvier

Accepting the fact that you never come back my way,
After you hear all the confessions I have to say,
Knowing that I should have never crossed that line,
Whether things were going good or bad,
I knew we could make them fine,
Didn’t think for a second about how you really feel about me,
Did only what I wanted and got big eyed,
To the point that I could not see,
That I love you more than what this world can offer,
Finally questioning myself about why I even bother,
Why did I have to cheat on the one thing that mean so much?
Why would I just back away when she tried to touch...
Why didn’t I find it in myself to let her know...?
Why was I playing the fool that I was a long time ago?
Facing the fact that you will never look at me the same...
Only imagine the thoughts you’ll have,
When ever you hear my name...
Knowing that you will regret everything we shared,
Realizing that you may think that I never even cared,
How could I resist the temptation that seems to follow me around?
Constantly lied in the act of trying to get down,
Letting go of the love that I thought would be my life,
Now regrets cuts deep in my head like a surgical knife.