sing with me

Written by: ronnie dolph

still awake still dreaming
inside and out i still here the screaming
nothing i want more nothing i want less 
stop the crying, i want to hear laughter
sing me a song sing from your heart
let me hear what you're feeling inside
don't hide it with in dont keep it from me
i cant take another day, im lost in this dream
never mind then forget about now
look toward tomorrow get lost in the cloud
im right here i'll hold you up high
I'll help you fight whatever tortures inside
trust in me, trust me now
im not just another face in the crowed
sing with me lets sing us a song
lets filll the air with the words from our hearts
rest your head on your safe place to hide
i will always have i shoulder to cry
so sing with me sing aloud
lets forget it all
get lost in the crowd