How: coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform

Written by: verlecia fields


you took away 
my right to scream 
and now i sit an await 
my impending doom

you followed me around today
play acting out your words so carefully

I wonder how it feels for you 
to act so mentally insane 
is this, ok with you?

do i blame it on your bewitching eye color
do i blame it on  your dubious blood line
do i blame it on your funny rich man's dirty money
I really could not say

was i hurt by, your actions 
HELL, Yes!
but i still remained the same 

I did not say one word 
or act out in pain
and silence give me no comfort  
for you would just have 
won at your only game!

no black woman 
should have to bare 
a lack of justice 
this just does not seem fare