Things I Hate

Written by: Rhema Jones

Dirty kitchens, giant bugs
Sweaty clothes, and awkward hugs
non-flushed toilets. broken bikes
These are things that I dislike
Bratty children, smelly feet
Research papers, uncooked meat
Port-a-potties open gates
These are different things I hate
Mushy noodles, sagging pants
Roaches, wasps, and fire ants
Children pecking at the door
These are things that I ignore
People smacking on their food
People with bad attitudes
Disney channel, burning stoves
Various things that I just loath
Slow computers, rusty nails
Target stores and squishy snails
Headache's, worms, and English tests
These are things that I detest
Barking dogs, bumpy logs
Nasty little slimy frogs
Ugly shoes and yellow skates
Me these things do irritate
Yellow squash, yellow grass
Chinese food that gives you gas
Moldy bread in a grocery store
These are things that I abhor
People who treat dogs like gods
Thorns that prick and metal rods
Mangy cats with creepy eyes
These are things that I despise
This has been a random rhyme
That I've written before lunch time.