down and out

Written by: J B

I found you when you were down and out 
your soul with holes and inside doubt 
the prayers you said with your rosary 
did not stop that deep, deep bleed 

you looked through me like I wasn’t there 
taking what I offered, refusing to share 
I stayed beside you—held your hand 
helped you try to understand 

the closer you got, you were further away 
holding me close yet still at bay 
I warmed your lust, but not your heart 
you told me from our very start 

the tables turn, I place no blame 
on love’s defeating, haughty game 
words don’t come in any form 
at night when I lay safe and warm 

I always knew you wouldn’t miss 
any form of a vacant kiss 
always reading yesterday’s news 
it is just the publisher’s views