Magic Paper

Written by: rinki nandy

I am looking at you baby,
don't you look away,
and don't you smile that way for me,
you know I can grab you right now and rip that clothing off,
you know I can force you and carry you far,
to the nation of passionate love and raw romance,
the land compassionate filled with awe and trance, 
to see places you have never seen with another,
you know baby I am your one and only,
your rose and lovely,
faithfully and wholly lover.

I am imagining you baby,
don't you walk away,
and don't you look that way at me,
you know I won't let you go now and put me off,
you know I will trap you now and ship you afar,
to the land of sinners and missed chance,
its people dancing that dirty dance, 
to exist more than a paper,
you know honey I am your strawberry,
your red cherry,
could make you merry,
had you been more than a wallpaper.