The Stupid Thing I Did

Written by: Sierra Biersack

All i could think about that day was,
Am i going to die?
I did something stupid,
I did something wrong,
I know i shouldn't of done it,
But i did it anyways.
I took 20 Tylenol PMs.
I had to sit.
I had to think.
I went to the neighbors.
I thought i was going to die.
They said to call 911,
But my mom said no,
Did you even care?
Did you want me to die?
I could have died.
And i almost did..
And all i could think about,
Am i going to die?
Thats all i ever wanted right?
Was to die?
But after you almost do die,
You change,
And realize how much you want to live.
I am on a mission.
That mission?
To find things to live for,
Then writing them down.
I have a past.
I have secrets.
I have things no one knows about.
But sometimes,
its too much for me to handle.
That day all i wanted to do was die,
But then i kept hoping i wouldn't.
I was ready to say goodbye.
I was ready to leave.
But then again,
I wanted to say hello,
I wanted to live. 
And i am sorry,
For anyone i scared,
Anyone i worried.
I wish to do it again,
And i probably will,
But not anytime soon,
Or i hope not...