Wake Of Dawn

Written by: Chris Garcia

At the wake of dawn,
A sudden yawn,
Escapes my mouth,
While the wind blows from the south,
I get up from my bed,
I mean couch,
Since my girl,
Threw me out,
Out into the cold,
I went,
So I can find shelter with an old,
Old friend,
That I discussed my feelings with,
But then again,
This friend wasn't just a friend,
It's my ex friend,
My ex lover,
That I'm crawling to,
Even if our "thing" is over,
I still think that we can rekindle,
The love that made us mingle,
The love that made us break-up,
And become single,
But I need to stop thinking like this,
Because I think,
If I continue,
If I continue,
I would be missed,
By the girl that told me to leave,
By the girl that I recently kissed,
So I'm going to run,
To my girl,
To say sorry,
Before our relationship is ends,