Fairie Dreams Awaken

Written by: Beth Watkins

A dress prim and poised caresses smooth skin,
Fair hair is tossed softly by clouds.
Her ebony eyes are cast lightly in thought;
The Queen of Fairies is perching alone.

Though clouds dark as mystery settle heavy and thick,
Graceful hands masked in virtue glow bright.
With a subtle and serenely pale beam of crisp light,
The souls of playful shadows danced around.

Her shimmering wings flittered faintly in the breeze,
Sparkling with a strangely mesmerizing sound;
Like a young child's laugh, a shrill bird's first cries,
Yet her countenance remained blissfully unchanged.

The last sob of music faded swiftly through the mist,
In its place lie solemn sighs loud as thunder.
Gleaming rays lined in laughter falter and fade;
Awakened to a lost dawn, the Queen releases her dreams.