Do You Remember

Written by: James Chenevert

Do you remember when you were young,
and so much in love.
Walking through the woods,
with a bright moon shining above.

Crickets churping, 
in a quiet, sleepy breeze.
Birds nestled in silence,
so high up above,
hidden saftly in the trees.

Nature's alluring temptations,
relaxing the soul deep within.
Showing beauty and tranquility,
of memories that once had been.

Bringing back the forgotten years,
some f joy, some of sorrow.
Remembering our yesterdays, 
today and tomorrow.

We seem to lose that part of our past,
that has silently slipped by,
passing away, ever so fast.

Changing to shadows,
while facing a truth.
None of us want to lose,
what was once our youth.