I dream, I think, I wish, I want

Written by: Chantelle Hyett

Love is something of two opposites,
from one time your'e in-love intensely,
at another your missing and lost.

How do I reach this point,
what do I do to mess things up,
sometimes I love far too much,
maybe it's an issue of too much trust,

I got too much emotion,
it's like the world on my shoulders,
I feel so overloaded...awake,
I feel so drained..even asleep.

I dream of love and happiness,
I think of trust and hope,
I wish for acceptance,
I want to be loved cause I'm me.

They don't understand,
the way my feelings get out of hand,.
that's why I need these things

It's only love and respect,
a hope for trust and happiness,
a wonder if you can accept,
that I'm not the same as all the rest,

I'm intense but mean the best,
I only want to be loved, 
and still don't know why that so hard to do,
when it comes from them to me,
cause it's not from me to you.