me and grandma

Written by: john loving iii

grandma was not of this time
old fashioned, hard working
it brings tears to my eyes
a mean ole lady with a switch in her hand
and i was a bad little boy
bent on devilment
"confound yo tail!" grandma would scream
while i was running from the whippen
i never got away from
i did everything from stealing candy
to looking underdresses
you name it, i took all dares and challenges
and what ever it was or turned out to be
grandma had a whippen waiting for me
out of a thousand times
only one time she was wrong
i had lied so much
my truth did not matter

a little bit older we spent summers on their farm
doing chores like feeding chickens
and picking fruit and vegetables
it was hard work
but grand ma always cooked a big breakfast
and a big dinner
i never been skinny in my life
when ever we went to town
she would always get her special snack
a huge candy cane, some cheese and crackers
and there was nothing better than those three together. 
grandma was the one thing that never changed
allways the round little lady
she was already old
she did'nt give advice, she lived it
the last time she threaghtened me 
was with a broom stick and tears in her eyes
at fifteen, i still was'nt to big for a whippen
in these words you may think that i was abused
as a child. no, it was how i was brought up
everybody got whippens i just got the most
there are no failures in the children grandma raised
i'm still one of the baddest but i'm doing ok