Cry For Them

Written by: James Chenevert

Cry for the hungry child shivering in the cold.
Cry for the elderly, withering old and gray,
feeling much to old.

Cry for the mother, and the children,
who just lost their dad to drugs and booze.
Cry for the hostages held in limbo,
that just hit the news.

Cry for the lost little boy, who on Christmas eve,
had no parents to share with, nor a single toy.
Cry for the sick daying without a cure.
Cry for the pollution destroying the air,
the sea and the shore.

Cry for the poverty stricken, living in grief.
Cry for the child born with "Aides"
living, ever so breif.

Cry for the victoms desolate and homeless, 
living in the street with no helping hand.
Cry for them all, like I, shed a single tear.
Let them know it is us, that truely care.

For only with true feelings and a little love,
can a time really come, where we will all break down,
and share a moment of love, a moment of time.
And then, all of the tears that are shed,
won't only be mine.