Anytime is good for loving

Written by: Neil Mcdonald

	              Anytime is good for loving .

                                It is a good time to love 
                                now with the mountain peak 
                                bulging forward steely 
                                and the late afternoon sun 
                                piebalding out a pink 
                                like a body flushed 

                                It is a time good for love 
                                spread out over a table 
                                tomatoes red-cheeked
                                against aubergines 
                                knobbed purple 
                                with the sizzle of unions, 
                                garlic and a trace of cloves   
                                cornering the giddy secret 
                                of detergent 

                                Love would be good  
                                as  the garden- corner darkens 
                                around the rose`s virginal white 
                                and the fathomless mouths 
                                of the hibiscus trumpets   
                                simply red 

                                Timely would good love come 
                                with the gibbous head 
                                of the moon bulbing 
                                over the mount 
                                over the still mouth of the rose 
                                rooting in the dark flesh 
                                of the brooding black earth... 

                                Surely ...                               
                                It`s a good time for love 
                                like any other. 


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Anytime is a good time to love 





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