Mind's Eye

Written by: Sumitra Penesar

You are what I delineate as integrity,
 The honesty that beckons,
You, my cohort, carry the knife's handle,
 Rather than stabbing me in the back, 
It stabs you and you become the trusted bearer of all my sins and painful secrets,
 You are that spiritual life form that guides me through the human phase,
You, my friend, possess my life's worth,
 If it were not for you, my loneliness and own companionship would have 
swallowed me in the embrace of insanity,
O fidus Achates, drogher my provoking thoughts,
 T'is an amazement that you do not break,
With the weight of such wrath,
 Reflections that clemency forsakes,
These cold psyche have hardened this heart,
 Pulsating veins of mine, thou art indeed in vain!
Considerations that expand with every attempted beat,
 The death of my body has spawned the soul of my mind,
Oh power of ponder, you reveal to me where my heart was blind,
 My wits are now was sharp as that knife you bear,
A cloak of strength which humanity deplores, now I wear.