Sealed Lips

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

The affliction I have encountered has fastened my lips,
And I am at a loss for words therefore my feelings I cannot express.
However, as  I dip the end of my quill into apprehension,
And with urgency of these accounts, I am compelled to...confess.
Yet me fear is that the paper shall not bear the weight...
Of the emotional agony that my heart has experienced of late.

 It so happened, that my heart was fashioned  amidst a floral bouquet,
And presented to a loved one who I thought  may appreciate this fragile display.
It’s symbolic interpretation conveying the importance of love with marital intent,
When I learned of its acceptance, it brought feelings of sheer delight and a sense that it was well spent.
However, as the years ebbed away and love was an inconvenience that caused a rift,
Well my love stood firm but alas hers had gone adrift.

Her speech that was once nectar, now lacked the evocation of affection,
Her conduct boasts utter resentment and rejection.
She speech id flavoured with words of severing our connection,
A pretence to cover her affairs by avoid public circumspection. 

My lips are conserved  by love’s rebuff and mournful sorrow,
Even my pen fails to compose my hearts deepest tenderness and is considered a foe.
I have no alternative but to mend my broken heart and adorn it in an array,
To seek a true dwelling place next to one that appreciates it’s beauty and hope it will come one day.