Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Written by: Brashard Bursey

What's so great about Lady Gaga's hit single, "Bad Romance," is that of its nightclub scene. Her music video had seen on MTV and When everyone is listening to "Bad Romance," it's like he or she is at one of those awesome nightclubs in Miami, Florida, at 12 midnight EST. It seems that Lady Gaga has outdone herself, especially when she's supporting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender) community and stuff. The "Bad Romance" song and music video has a lot of vibes within the instrumentals and a lot of techno music, even when her fans are in Japan. And when everyone is listening to "Bad romance," it's like driving a Nissan 350Z on the streets of Los Angeles, California, on a Saturday night. "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga has also been the best music video and hit single everyone's seen and heard, even me. It looks like the entire music scene will be getting and seeing more of Lady Gaga and other female artists, including Ke$ha. Boy, if Lady Gaga were to make more dance-techno music videos for MTV, that would be great. I wish I had all three of Lady Gaga's albums.