The months of the year

Written by: Papa Kofi Amoh

A dozen siblings we are in number.

One by one we come and go to slumber.


To hold your feasts,festivals,anniversaries,.. as a reminder;

That's why you cannot do without a calender.


Siblings we know we are to the core.

Yet we've never seen each other before.

Since the very past we've always been in groups of four;


And in some parts of our world, in two halves for a reason.

All because each of us has a favorite respective season.


To us a second is just like a cell;our basic unit of life.

When we are together, our lucky numbers are 366 or 365.


Four of us age 30; like a middle aged man.

Seven of us are older just by one.


The second of us rather the youngest,

From 28 he leaps to 29, and then reverses like a protest.

The 12th Child cannot miss Christmas.

The 4th Child cannot miss fools' day when people are spun around like discuss.

Just take a smart look at your MOUTH and then,

Summersult the middle to an N.

Yes! 12 we were and 12 we are..

For 12 shall we be fore ever..