Magic journey

Written by: Sharon Well

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination"
A Rambling Poet 

destiny takes me to a fine stallion,
a gift from my lad as he vowed,
she is the best steed in a million,
the most enchanting and proud.

We mount, hands entwined in rapture,
but after her first trot, most astonished,
as a movement of undulating nature,
and a slow ascent is accomplished.

Our hearts brimming with elation, 
muted souls soar through the sky,
miles away from our imagination,
the diminishing earth below does lie.

like restless birds of spring days,
reluctant to retire,
the silhouette of feminine grace,
in awe, we admire.

The crystal blue lakes
tie strips of satin ribbons
On emerald spread 

From up above,
perils of earth evanescing,
from up above,
meandering through pristine clouds, 
we wander the skies breathtaking,
buoyant spirits ever rising,
from up above.

Quatrain Haiku Rondelet

Name: Sharon Well

Contest name: Three Gems

Date poem written: 07/29/11