I Believe

Written by: michael hornschuch

                                    ~~“I raise my 
hands and bow my head,
                                       I’m finding 
more and more truth written 
                                       In the letters 
in red. They tell me there’s 
                                                More to 
life than I can see
                                                         Oh I 

Growing up, a wide eyed boy sitting 
on Grandpa's knees

I'd listen to his stories of how he 
came to believe

He proudly served in the big war, 
and very often asked, "Why did I 

Then look up to the sky and bow his 
head and pray.

He'd talk of men, I'd never know 
and tell me how, "Because of them..

Your grandpa's still alive". 

He handed me a Book, and gave me 
just one task. 

Read this book, pay attention to the 
words in red, and grow up to be a 

Summers came and went and I 
grew to be the man I am.

Grandpa's gone, and I've grown 

To share the stories in the Book, 
with my grandson

Grateful for the lessons, I share it as 
Grandpa would have done.

~~I Believe~~
Brooks and Dunn
Chris Matt's Contest~Favorite Music