When You Look Down

Written by: david blodgett

It's been 24 long years
since we both said goodbye,
not one moment ever passes
I don't remember you and cry.

To me; you stepped over mountains
you walked on the sea,
you lived life to it's fullest
like it was always meant to be.

You taught me about forgiveness
and to give back all the same,
To let go of my resentments
because i'm the one to blame.

It's been 24 long years
now i finally understand,
You were teaching me your ways
to show me how to be a man.

When you look down from the heavens
and your watching through your cloud,
please take time to look at me
because i know that you'd be proud.

I've been jumping over mountains
i've been soaring over seas,
i've been flying through my life 
with the wings you gave to me.

When i look up to the heavens
and see your face in a cloud,
i'll know that you have seen me
and i must have made you proud.

 Thank you for being my #1 inspiration
I love you and miss you so much!