Little Sachets of Delight

Written by: mary abdali

 Flying through space,the weightlessness mesmerized
  Enormous levels of bliss surpassing every energy point
Freedom from the unseen burdens,never existing desire of deceit and lie
Divine connection with the cosmos observed by the third eye
Discovering colors that never reflected
The saturated sunlight that never entered
The iron stand that never spoke
The glass of water that never froze
Spiritual glory brightens the soul
A hidden secret nervously told
Unleashing the thoughts for centuries were shackled
Chained and locked up ,not to be meddled
Serene truth of the universe delightfully unveiled
Gracefully entering the heaven,regrets of reality seem to fade
The glistening beam showers the surroundings
The rays of light,so surreal and astounding
A sign from above, a clue of the universe
Losing faith over the ages,  conquers the being
Music is visible,the bright melodies dancing in allegiance
A call from nature, going back to the old ways
The flower with thousand petals also has the urge to sway
Swimming through the ocean,with an aim to find
All the hidden treasures,of this mysterious mind
Far away from the concepts of time and space
Just moments of belief ,not engrossed in the never ending race
Halfway through the voyage ,it all disappears
 Depressed and confused surrounded by fears
Like a little boy lost in the park drenched in tears
 Disbelief for this life,it can never be the same
Wandering the alleys,the quest for nothingness was all in vain
Thoughts suffocate the soul,was it worth being called insane?