The evidence is clear

Written by: Jesu Johnson

Who am I??? What am I??? Where do I belong???? would someone please claim me??!!!, out of the lost and found????? Do you see me??? Do you hear me???? Do you feel me and my pain???? Am I lost forever.............??? never to be claimed??? My inquiry, is it bothering you???? After all, It's just a matter of time, 'til you catch a clue. I can only persist. I've got plenty of time, see, until you claim me. Not as a mere possession, something you'd place upon a shelf, to collect dust, and who knows what else?!!! I am like you, I live, breathe, laugh, and cry. I am human, like you, I feel, touch, hear, eventually die, with all of the above, most importantly, I LOVE!!!!! So I ask again, would someone PLEASE claim me????!!!! I'm only human, just like you, evidently.