Written by: Hector Leyva

When they beat me down,

When I was treated like a clown,

When I felt like I was going to drown,

When they hated me for being brown,

When they said I would never wear a crown,

It is then when My inner strength I found.

When they smiled but cursed my name,

When they hung my downfall on a frame,

when to be my friend they all claimed,

when they saw me passing and at me took aim,

When they tried desperately to my spirit tame,

It is then that courage and clarity to me came.

When my daylight was turned to night,

When no one was kind enough to show me the light,

When they said everyone but me was right,

When my light didn't shine so bright,

When everyone in my downfall found delight,

It was then that instead of running I chose to fight.