Written by: Sean L Sanders

I'm troubled by the silence in my ear.....
the tremble in my throat.
The loudness in my ideals.

My throat is thickened with grief 
it sleeps with blindness.
My scraped arm is the mark of sorrow   
riddled by delusion.

This cry, that weakens the knee of the beggar
who scrambles from the wet silence of despair.
I feel trapped by the wolves that bite at the bitten.

Shake my hand,
feel my last pulse.

Weakness seems to be the keeper of my strength.
I look to fight in the hostel of my defeat.
The shock of my descent jostles my approach.
I circle my anger to confuse my bitterness.

Should I curse Tomorrow to forsake Today?
Stillness is everywhere covered with the cloak of my sanity.
Noise from my heart riddles in the darkness.
Why am I troubled by the silence in my ear?
The tremble in my throat