Plain Canvas

Written by: Sean L Sanders

I cradle for the love of the splendor
of your attention. The sweet of your
tremble toils with my temper hoisted
up from my faults. 

Will the light christen your thoughts?
This those knees that bow to my dream.
Time shackles my tears frost with my face.
Courage with my question nerves for a 
quiet stare lurking for your look.

Is this that look that gazes in the 
window for the splendor of your
attention boiled by my thoughts.
I'm shaken by the passion of your hope.

Softened by the blow of my misgivings.
Jailed by the honesty of your sorrow.
Image from the vision of your content.
Clearness from my love sky blueness
in the air

My tears drop up in the sky and my
anger never hits the empty ground.
Dawn appears at midnight and the 
sunset is lost in the cold mist.

Your vision ignores me it tiptoes 
when it sees me it hides when I 
need it the most.
This is why it's the simple truth
of your white plain canvas.