Orietta Song

Written by: Sean L Sanders

Today your brown eyes sneak in my pockets to hide from my desire.
Your black hair comb through my surprise faster my step.
Please stop my gaze from shimmering from your lips.
The legs which you have, move in my wind.

I look for my tears when I walk by your side,
Tabled by my search when your lost from my thoughts,
Serene is my enemy when you walk from my distance.
Sleep jump  from life, when I look for your hand.

Out of your chest, staged for tonight.
This shatter is crippled by hope and dampen by the cuddle of your walk,
Tackling with the watchful look of your touch,
Bevy with the stain from your lips.

Will I see the eyes that provoked my obsession.
Look for me when you dream of tomorrow and you wish for today.
 My escape is your loving touch, dress with your kind stare.