Little Boy

Written by: Sean L Sanders

When I was a little boy,
I felt forgotten. I drank
from the moist thirst that
was driven from the waterless 
fountain. I felt my first institutional 
tears slipping from my pillow. 

I felt trapped by the honesty 
of my sorrow. I became who I
am and I knew who I would never be. 
I felt like I was lost in the 
forest to misunderstand. 

Somebody told me you were there, 
hiding in the breeze, the walking 
knock, it blows from the back 
shutting me out, washing away all
my agony. 

My cry sneaks by me.
I try to be brave and strong,
where is my courage?
Why doesn't it look for me?

I feel all my rage
When I shake my hand.
When I was a little boy.