With a Kiss,mmmmuuuaaahhhh

Written by: Jesu Johnson

She calls me and i can hear her for miles. Way before cellphones were popular, or in style. She calls from the upper window, just above the stoop as all my friends say 'UUhht OOOHH,Yo mama is calling you!' Running as fast as I can, screaming "Maaaa'aaam!!!" along the way, to see my sister sitting there, outside, with a big grin upon her face. Trodding up the stairs, fresh out of breathe, telling myself " you can make it, just two more steps!" Only to make it to her bedroom door, to meet Moms face to face, to find out what for???? telling me to be in before dark, before the street lights came on. As I head back down the stairs I hear her yell 'I Love you!!' (((((MUAAAHHHH))))) with a kiss. I can't believe after all this time, I still remember this!!!!!