Men Don't Cry

Written by: david blodgett

Today at your funeral
as I stood by your side,
I did what I  could
not to break down and cry.
I knew you as grandpa
today I learned otherwise,
as my mom told a story
about a hero in disguise.
She said you fought for your country
as you fought for your life,
so you could come home
to your children and wife.
She said you were a soldier
in a world full of war,
when I heard world war ll
i just had to hear more.
I didn't start crying
until almost the end,
when I heard of the bullet
you took while saving a friend
I knew you as grandpa
today all that has changed,
as the memories I have
have all been rearranged.
I learned you was a man
a man of honor,
I'm so proud to say
you was my grandfather.
If your watching me now
and you see my tear,
it's because I miss you so much
and I wish you were here.
If I only knew then
that of witch I know now,
I'd know that men don't cry
except for when they are proud.
I love you and miss you very much,