At The Emirate

Written by: Joseph Osita

Excited voices like smoke choke the nest-like stardom
 As waves of hands in unison swim med through the summer sky
Blue and Red flags stood opposite with hostile winks
Forever green was the Emirate ready to swallow all assaults 
Songs of still-born victory banged the doors of ears
The Whistle wailed with a sharp cut on the buzzing sky 
The clatter of boots began in apocalyptic fashion
Didie Drogba,the nemesis of arsenal's sensational soccer romance
Struck his wand-a good symptom of Jericho’s collapse
But formidable was the wall with brick of nice goal keeping
 As jeers from the Blue fans pinch the left ventricle of Red's hearts
Alex Song made lane through the barricaded defense
And Czech was left to embrace the Einstein's bomb
 "Goal...." roared from all flanks
For seconds, sweet celebration held eyes hostage
 And half time whistled to give breath to fainting souls

Second half breathed with characters of champions posing on both sides
Rushes for goal proved by littered off side caught
Excitement mingled suspense as pressure kicked in perfect perfection
Time diminished as imbalance score line enforce strikers and defenders to battle
Fabregas dribbled, thanks to gift of God 
Theo Walcott raced and struck in Achilles style 
Another “goal” flamed ecstasy in the heart of winning fans
Two zero up gunners as blues rattle humiliation
Fabregas wrapped it three and the battle loosed taste
Red rumble in joy though it's not a victory until ninety minutes
Ivanovic pulled one back though no celebration dared to follow
As Arsenal fans rot in magical delight
Final whistle wounded through the enchanted sky 

 By: Joseph Osita
For Debbie’s Play ball contest