I Needed You,But Where Were You

Written by: Jasmine Whipps

I wanted your love,
Needed your love,
But you couldn't pull through,
Of all the promises you made,
And I just wonder if the love you say that you had,
Was true from the beginning.
And yes, I loved you,
I wanted what was best,
But the walls built around your heart
Wouldn't allow you to see it,
And I tried to make it clear,
If it had been any clearer
The sight would have blinded you.
I wanted to be able to lie in your chest
And cry if I needed to
But you weren't there
And you couldn't see how I was hurting,
You couldn't tell that I didn't feel the love,
That you so claimed to have.
But I realize now,
That there's someone out there who's better.