Written by: Erika Raiken

For did the bluebird never sing Nor clouds fill the sky, Then the caress of rain Would never dance across my skin And I would never know The sweet song The birds do sing for men. A song carried along By the wind That carries along our dreams. And when you're feeling broken, Like a doll torn at the seams, Remember life-long beauty And try to live your dreams. A raven 'tisn't born flying Nor a colt prancing in the sun. But only one thing can stop you, And that's cause you're the stubborn one. So when you're feeling lonely, And there's nowhere else to go, Reach up towards the Heavens And remember that you know. Your dreams are never out of reach, You're just not wise enough to catch the stars. Nor reach the glistening aura Of Jupiter and Mars. For failure is the time Where you do not try again. And mistakes only happen When you do not learn from them.