Paradise not Lost

Written by: Richard Moriarty

Surrounded by tropical treasures
large plumed birds called in 
strange and beautiful ways
only to be answered from another 
a long way away,
flowers with bright petals provided
a blanket of color with a dazzling array.

Cascading water forms a foaming white tower
falling, falling down a long wet slide
broke the calm of an otherwise peaceful day.
Breathtaking in speed and power the race of the
falling water deafening to the ears causes
the heart to race with its power.
Green footprints form where the falls left their trail
a lasting story of a never ending tale.

Two hearts intertwined in a paradise
far away from the noise of another land
Lost in love like no other love
two souls joined as one on a tropical sand.

With passions meeting as two deeply in love
a kiss - a touch - an embrace to last
away from the life so far past
lost in love, like no other love could be.

Pulled to the sound of the never ending fall
high above the turbulent pool beneath
the two lovers watched the waters falling
their hearts racing with the rush of the water.

Arm in arm they stepped into the rush
and down with the flow they went
falling with unbelievable speed and power
to meet the pool far beneath.

Deep into the pond they fell
searching for each others arms
at last touching their fingers
pulling each into the others arms.

Lips touching the others
deep and lasting the effect
as they reached for the light
that shown above them before they
lost their breathe.

Gasping with one last effort 
to reach that final breathe
a sound was heard in the distance..

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