Written by: farah chamma

I want to explode in Palestine
Like a firework would do
In the blue heavens
I want to shatter my blood like
Pieces of glass
I want to spread my true colors

Like a house the falls into 
Bits of rock,
Like the missile that flies from
My enemy’s truck,
I want to explode in Palestine

Tell me,
Tell me now about all these lies
That have clogged my ears
Like a kitchen drain,
That have made me a fool
In my country’s name
Tell me,
Tell me what it means to be

To be lost in the memory
Of a child unnamed
For nothing, they say,
Shall ever remain…
Nothing, they say,
Shall ever remain

Not thoughts, not dreams,
Not the feelings inside
Not the souls of the children
That have so innocently died
Tell me Allah, tell me
If it weren’t for you,
Then why…must I ever reside?