The King and I

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

He sat fixated on her
Watching her every move
She gently rubbed her hands together
Warming them up before she held it

She leaned forward to take a look
Before adjusting her posture
Her jet black hair complemented her tanned skin
She parted her silky soft rosy lips
And put it in 
Then took it out and hypnotically licked the end 
Before placing the end back between her lips

This was the moment he was waiting for
The suspense would be denied its satisfaction
He knew that all this was for him 
His pleasure would be adorned and excessively aroused

Then she began
He closed his eyes to block out the world 
The smile on his face express the peak of his delight
As she played Lakme’ SousLe Dome Epais (The Flower Duet)