Whispers from the Heart

Written by: Christopher Steven Coan

I listen to this song again --
Really, I never stopped listening.
If you could hear it the way I do,
You would know why.
Everything here is tied up and bound...
Everything but this.
All that is here, all that is in this moment...
It is so...free.
A lullaby to this tender soul; nothing remains.
All that is and was is...still.
The place where my heart is becomes a dream,
And I a sleeper there.
Something finally feels right, as if it all truly is.
Is it true for you?
Every breath that escapes my lungs
Is breathed in two worlds:
Where I am and where you are.
My heart is with you.
Nothing seems as it truly is, 
For these eyes speak against me.
My heart is set adrift by these passing waves...
And yet, I still remain. Always, I remain.