Night Time Serenade

Written by: James Chenevert

You can hear the wind,
nestling against the trees.
The leaves flutter gently,
moving softly with the breeze.

A distant cricket churps,
singing its cheeful tune.
Shadows dance in the woods,
outlined by a crescent moon.

The river winding silently,
as soft trickling touches the ear.
A possum rustling in the leaves,
so far, and yet so near.

The owl loudly cries out,
a warning to all around.
He is protecting his terroitory'
he will fight for his ground.

A deer approaches with head held high,
he points his nose, sniffs the air,
as antlers stand straight,
pointing toward the sky.

The snake crawls belly first,
searching for a darkened hole.
A mouse runs to hide,
escaping the dredded mole.

The sounds of each,
join in harmony together,
to make the woods a hidden glade.
All of Gods little creature's,
perform the "Night time Serenade."