Written by: israel eziedo


God has declared His righteousness
Among the nations
He is not double mouthed or hearted
He has said that the wages of sin is death.

Jesus, God’s Son, pure and righteous,
Offered up Himself for us in death
This He did and satisfied
Fully, God’s righteous anger
So now in Jesus we have redemption
For through His death we are justified.

Now God is no longer angry at us
But He requires repentance
An acknowledgement that we have sinned
And being justified, to ask-
A plea for divine mercy.

This is all that stands in the gap
Of total restoration from death to life
We have been bought and paid for fully
But still we struggle to remain enslaved.

This is the hope God has in us
That we all would come to repentance
But this is the grief in this hope
That man been free remains in chains
Refusing to surrender to
The Emancipation ‘Proclammator’.

Believe therefore and plough your hearts
The deed is done
The door is open
Why not walk in and claim the prize
Of those who surrendered and did the will
Of Him who ‘swallowed the bullet’ for us?