Written by: israel eziedo


Can that which is eternally loving
Be so strict and shut me out?
God is so loving and loving is caring
Can He do otherwise and cast me out?

How true are His Words when He said that
If I am not on His list, I will be thrown to hell?
The prophets say that His mercy is eternal
Won’t He restore me when I cry from hell?

‘Yes I am loving, but still I am righteous
For I pay each man his wages
For work done here on earth
Either done for Me or for his flesh.

‘And this in My Word I made very clear
That the wages of sin is death
But I call the ‘wages of life’ a gift
For no amount of work can deserve it.

‘The choice is yours I can’t do otherwise
For on that day that you’ll be paid
You’ll be sent to where you sought after
And a board will be on the other door saying ‘ACCESS DENIED”