Written by: israel eziedo


Once there was a man in Eden
Who saw and walked and talked with God
And once there was a day in Eden
When man fell and left the garden
Not just that, but the place of fellowship.

God saw man was now in sin
And so separated him from eternal life
He sent him out into the world
And sent him the law so he would be conscious
Of his fate and his grievous end.

But out of love God became man
And saw and walked and talked with men
And died so painfully to redeem all men
The murderers, liars and those lost in lust
To prepare them for the great return.

Bear in mind that this life is short
It is just a short period to be prepared
For one day we will all leave this world
And whether or not we end with Him
Depends on how prepared we are for Him.

So even as God would say
I pray you do as Jesus did
To think and speak and do the will
Of Him who would judge where you forever will be
On that day of the great return.