I Was There

Written by: James Chenevert

The time of the setting sun,
brought clouds of thunder.
With anger from the skie,
It caused people below to run.

The weeping-blood dried and still.
Shadows-casting death,
from a cross on a hill.

Men on a blanket,
playing their games of chance.
Others quietly staring with not a sound,
as though they are in a trance.

A mother-destined to see her son die.
Spirits-floating in the clouds.
Awaiting-for a special man to fly.

Sadness crosses a humble face,
as a single tear trickles,
dropped from his eye.
Waiting, suffering, knowing,
it is his turn to die.

A price paid to set man free.
The sins washed away for you and me.

A soul wings its way to heaven,
to sit on his fathers throne.
My God! My God!
Come take me home.

And then-there is me,
to show how much I care.
Jesus shared life and death with me.
I was on the cross next to him.
as he set me free.
Because in his spirit-I was there.