This is Me

Written by: Shani Fassbender

A little bit of me
Goes a long way
Lucky you get to see today
How this came to be

I grew up sheltered and shy
I don’t know why
I was always quick to cry
Quiet and self-conscious, oh my

Then came along my high school years
I finally broke out of my shell
It was only a matter of time that would tell
How far I put away my old fears

I’m a married mother of two
Who always has something to do
Yet I always make time for you
Forever open to trying things new

Practical jokes and a funny line
My goal to make others happy and smile
Keeping my friends and family on their toes is my style
Occasionally spirited by a glass of wine

My caring and sensitivity side shows
As my open mind and heart always grows
To come to me for anything, everyone knows
Or just to read my words where compassion flows

Best of all is to myself I am true
Learning from the past and things I once knew
Living my life for me in all that I do
So I may love myself and love you too