Written by: James Chenevert

Ah beauty.
Let me contemplate the word, 
while I sit and think.
Is it the mountains majestic and high.
The color of the rainbow,
streatching across a magnificent sky.

The trees in the forest so sturdy and tall.
Or is it the seasons,
Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

The desert spreading out,
touching all parts of the earth.
Or is it a new-born baby,
being see at its birth.

A Christmas tree adorned,
decorated with tinsel and light.
Maybe butterflies,
gathered in rhythmic flight.

Then again, just a painting,
hanging on the wall.
Or even a giraff,
long necked and tall.

Could it be the crecent moon,
reflections riding on a wave.
The stillness of a restful bear,
sleeping deeply in his cave.

A castle made so elegantly,
perfection in the sand.
Or is it man and woman,
created by the stroke of a hand.

Or is it as I say,
the combination of all.
that makes beauty what it seems to be.
What is beauty?
All of God,
in the best of his creativity.