Horns of Destiny

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Horn's Of Destiny My first solo vacation was to New York City Instead of glitter were streets over crowded and gritty. The famed Big Apple held millions in homeless captivity expressions of poverty full of elusive ambiguity. I observed thick wavy steam rising from the street sewer vapors escaped, tainting the noon heat. At dusk I crawled onto the fire escape to cool down when ten seconds of silence fell over down town. Gun shots rang out as explosions lit the night sky screaming grew louder as the shrapnel began to fly. Atop our building police snipers were perched ground patrols hid in shadows their purpose to search. As sunrise approached, devastation was at our doors Distant groans from injuries seep from her pores. Three days later the riots ceased and regressed out from the ruins came warrior's strong and blessed Rolling up their sleeve's together they rebuilt the city they call home with pride, free of guilt The Horns of Destiny shook a sleeping giant woke as warriors appeared from inside the smoke Tried by fire, hardened like steel and free of dross arose the sleeping giants searching for their lost Glittering seeds born from streets I found so gritty soul of the Apple and true grit of New York City Copyright©2011 Carole Cookie Arnold