Bring me to Peace

Written by: Jayne Eggins

when the truth arrived
 enveloped, it was November
and at the inception 

standing quiet
 the rags of innocence
 were ripped from my eyes 

I mourned what never was 

grasping at
 this breech of faith
 both hands reached
 and disappeared
 into the vapour,
 where once
 you laid to rest
paper fluttered down
I hadn’t realised
 I had given more
 than I intended
 never seeing the game
 that was played
 in the shadows
 of the day 

my life-force was attained
belief in humanity
 suffered and shattered
 from the burn
 of this betrayal,
 paranoia sits with me
 hand in hand 

my fingers tapped out the tune 

as the veracity of this
 was validated
 time and time again 

So I am not mad
 but grieving