The Masque

Written by: Rick Rucker

The Masque By Rick Rucker I go about my daily task, Covered by my spiffy mask, I ride Silver into town, To save those, trodden down, Accompanied, as I am, by Tonto, I must get the bad guys, pronto! It would seem to be my Fate, To clean up a town in half an hour, never late! I wear the mask, not as a disguise, It helps accentuate my eyes, I should really ride my horse side saddle, But it would be awkward going into battle! Next, I am thinking of adding, to my mask, some lace, I think it would help to frame my face! I never stay in one place, Quickly, out of town we race, I am thinking of growing a mullet, So much less expensive a memory than a silver bullet! As we ride out, past the church and steeple, I think I will join The Village People!