I Am A Christian

Written by: Woodrow Lucas

I often shrink back and lose my faith,

God’s love with abandon I crave and chase,

I have moved mountains with just a glimmer of hope,

I have enslaved nations and to children sold dope,

I am the salt of the earth and a scourge of mankind,

I strive with all that I am to dwell in Christ’s mind,

I am caught up in fear and many of its lies,

I intercede against the enemy so that all might rise,

I reflect Christ perfectly and defame his name,

I have the courage of David and bare Judas’ shame,

I have betrayed and been loyal,

I am Battered and bruised, triumphant and royal,

I have victimized others and acted in malice,

With many afflicted I have shared his love’s chalice,

I am divine and depraved,

I am soiled and saved,

I am a Christian, caught up in hypocrisy’s web,

And many to the light of love I have led,

I am a Christian and when my fullness is revealed,

You will see the lame walk, and the afflicted healed,

I am a Christian and though I don’t look it now,

One day you will see me and your heart will scream loud,

That you have seen God incarnate in all of her glory,

That you have seen a solution to this life’s worry,

That you have seen the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost too,

I am a Christian, I love Jesus, and so can you,

And together we will fall and together rise high,

To embrace our blessed savior in the cosmic sky.