A Stroll by the Sea

Written by: James Chenevert

The solitude, so exquisietly serene.
Ocean waves punding the surf.                          
an array of colors,
blue, brown and green.

The softness of sand, 
drifting out with the ebbing tide.
Seagulls resting on water,
gracefully enjoying nature, free ride.

Turtle eggs hatching,
hundreds flee for safe haven.
one is captured and eaten.
scooped up by the jaws, 
of a big, black raven.

Whales spashing in play,
slapping their huge tails.
Boats passing by,
with wind flapping sails.

The setting sun recedes,
its reflection sinks deep,
into the sea.
This is the beauty of nature,
as seen by only me.
Peace within the soul,
free to be a child, 
for a moments contentment,
to live like everything wild.