Special wish

Written by: nilofar shaikh

The golden days have passed,
But the sweet memories remain,
Today I think of them,
As it is a special day again.
On your birthday, dearest brother,
I wish to tell you,
Something – that’s very true,
You are my first child, who made me a mother!

We have always been together,
In school and everywhere,
We have done ‘n’ number of things,
Dancing, playing and fighting,
There existed a competition between us,
I know sometimes I created a fuss!
You won always,
In cards and video games.
‘Guess what?’ was our favourite,
You always tried to answer it right. 
When in our cousins you outstood,
I felt so very proud.

I admit I was strict, 
While teaching you I would shout,
But my motto was to bring, the best out.
The times you ask, “ Didi, give me money”,
Believe me I feel so rich, when I have any.
Something that hurts you,
Gives me pain too.
My love for you will always grow,
Though sometimes I may not show,
Remember brother, my anger is my care,
I pray to Lord to give you the happiness of my share.